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Qaidam basin Goji has long existed in “the Roof of the World”, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, 2600-3000 meters above sea level in Qaidam basin (the third largest basin in China, Qinghai). The climate features of strong solar radiation (average annual maximum  sunshine of 3600 hours), large daily temperature range (over 12°degrees celsius), cold climate (average annual temperature of -5.6 - 5.2 degrees celsius), and low relative humidity (annual precipitation of 16.7-487.7mm) create the best natural environment for growing Qaidam basin Goji. The other factors that make Qaidam basin the best place to grow high quality Qaidam basin Goji is its pollution-free environment. Under these favourable conditions, Qasidam basin Goji is well-known for their reddish color, sweet taste, and extraordinary texture with larger size and firmer texture. Studies also showed Qaidam basin Goji obtains higher amno acids, trace elements and polysaccharide than other goji species. Thus, Qaidam basin Goji, a premium quality and pollution-free goji species, is an ideal ingredient for functional food, nutraceuticals, health and high-end cosmetic products.


  • Qaidam basin Goji has been certified organic by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and The European Union Commission
  • Superior grade with brilliant red and delicious taste
  • High nutritional profile with a variety of essential nutrients such as polysaccharide, trace elements, minerals, and antioxidants which are proved to have a range of health-promoting effects
  • From zero-pulluted Qaidam basin of Tibetan Plateau