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Sub-health is mainly caused by unhealthy living ways and high pressure of work and life. Sub-health state not only affects the quality of life, but also quality of work.

Can we solve it?

  • What is sub – health?


    Sub-health is a critical state between health and disease, or a gray state of health. It refers to a poor state with no diagnosis of any identified disease. It may also be a sign of disease while persons in sub-healthy state have a weak immune system and pathogens may invade easily and seriously.

  • What are the symptoms?

    The clinical manifestations of the people of sub-health condition are very complicated and changeable which could involve malfunction of series of body's systems and experience pain and discomfort.


    The symptoms could be presented in following ways:

    1. Nervous system : Dizziness, headache, poor mental focus, memory problem, fatigue, weakness, easy tension and agitation, insomnia, lot of dreams, and so on. Some people may even feel depressed and loss of motivation to work. 
    2. Cardiovascular system : Heart palpitation, chest tightness, wheezing, sweating, abnormal blood pressure and heart pulse    
    3. Digestive system : Loss of appetite, decreased ability to digest, abdominal distension 
    4. Bone and joint system : Tired, back pain, joint pain 
    5. Genitourinary system : frequent urination, increased night urination, lack of interest to sex, impotence, coldness, irregular menstruation


  • Sub-health is more dangerous than disease?

    Your body check seems normal but you experience all kind of discomfiture and even pain. It implies your organs are undergoing aging and degrading process. It is especially dangerous if you neglect it while many therefore get into serious troubles such as immunity breakdown and prone to illnesses like low-fever, sore throat, focusing ability and memory declined, fatigue, hormone imbalance, neural regulation disorder etc. That’s why sub-health condition has already been considered as the new killer of human health.

  • Who are the frequent victims of sub health?

    The occupation listed below are found to be the high risky group of sub-health:

    .IT Industry
    Corporate executives
    Traffic police
    Taxi driver

  • What is the prevalence of sub health population in the world?

    According to a worldwide survey by WHO:

    .75% of sub health population in the world, while 20% is persons with diseases, and only 5% population is healthy
    .75% of U.S. population are in sub-healthy state
    .600 million people in Australia may belong to sub-healthy category
    .37 million people in China are in sub-healthy state
    .7 billion people in Japan are in sub-healthy state
    .35% out of 1000 white collar workers are in sub-healthy state

  • Why they are more likely to be confronted with the threat of sub-health?
    •     Inadequate intake of water
    •     Irregular sleep
    •     Lack of exercise
    •     Too much parties
    •     Disorder diet
    •     Long time of surfing on the Internet
    •     High pressure of work and life
    •     Imbalanced supplementation of nutrients

  • How nutritional balance matters to sub-healthy state?

    If a surplus of food nutrition and calories

    Feeling sleepy that reduces mental focus and working efficiency
    A long-term accumulation of fat
    Increase of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar
    Inducement of Metabolic Diseases such as obesity, diabetes and Hypertension

    If a food shortage of some nutrients and calories

    Despair the brain's normal thinking
    Easily get angry, anger, quarrels
    Impair vision and cause eye muscle fatigue
    Weaken immune system
    Increase bone loss and increase risk of bone fracture
    Dry skin and form wrinkles
     Impair hair healthy growth
     Cause memory and attention problem
     Experience mental confusion and fatigue


    Table : Diet Pyramid recommended by Harvard University

    There fore, we should ensure a balanced diet everyday to meet daily requirement of  nutrition. Along with natural supplementation of vitamins and minerals, we should achieve a balanced life with a positive and optimistic mind and active outdoor activities.