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"Tangut products are your wise pick for health."

Tangut's products are all made by bioactive natural sources. Natural products are safer and can avoid chemical-related illness and allergies. They can also provide all the essential nutrition for your body for a longer period of time. Further, using natural sources is more beneficial to the environment in promoting overall health and wellness.


Through innovation in sourcing and manufacturing, we produce a broad range of safe, effective, and premium quality products at Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for our friends from all over the world.


Tangut Origin offers a wide range of preventive formulas that are rich in essential bioactive multinutrients which are important in our daily diet.


Tangut Advanced is a series of high -potency bioactive essences that target specific health problems.

Tangut products are :
1. From pollution-free Tibetan Plateau
2. Rich in bioactive compounds
3. Clinically proven
4. Use advanced pharmacokinetics