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Experience the next generation of health.

Tangut's mission is to improve the overall quality of life through the scientific discovery and development of healthy ingredients found in nature. These organic ingredients provide greater long-term benefits to our bodies and our environment than synthetic products. While we respond to the growing demand of natural products for prevention, we also innovate beyond the current trends.


Two key trends dominate the present market:  a preference for natural products over synthetics and a search for disease prevention in the nutraceutical industry. We understand that illness prevention has a growing demand among the aging population. We also recognize that natural products bring more long-term benefits to humans and the environment than synthetic products. Thus, we propose the concept of “life-long natural health” for you and the next generation.


Tangut upholds the principle of strict product verification to formulate a variety of quality bioactive products. We focus on three major pillars: knowledge, ingredients and technology, leading our friends to the next generation of health.   


Tangut is all about quality. We value every consumer and treat them as our friends. In order to sustain their healthy and happy life, we strive to develop a range of bioactive products with proven biological activity that originates from natural sources. We also ensure that our products are rich in valuable nutrition and offer a range of preventive and therapeutic potential..