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Sea Berry CardioMed
Sea Berry CardioMed
Sea Berry CardioMed
Sea Berry CardioMed

Sea Berry CardioMed is a safe, potent and effective heart formula that maintains healthy cholesterol levels and healthy blood pressure levels, while supporting the nutritional needs of your heart. This product naturally contains phytosterols (plant sterols and stanols) which provide excellent cholesterol-controlling effects and cardiovascular health benefits.


  • Contains antioxidants which inhibit inflammation and formation of LDL
  • Contains phytosterols which lower serum LDL level
  • Contains pollution free plant omega 3
  • Rich of natural vitamins and natural enzyme super oxide dismutase (SOD) 
  • High purity formula, free of chemicals
  • Advanced CO2 supercritical extraction technology to achieve high purification of active ingredients with high absorptive values

"...Sea buckthorn is a known source of cholesterol-lowering compounds which could prevent clogging of the arteries…"

BBC News
  • Help improve good lipid profile*
  • Keep cholesterol and triglyceride in a healthy level*
  • Maintain unobstructed coronary arteries*
  • Support healthy blood pressure *
  • Strengthen your heart vessel*
  • Support the overall cardiovascular health*


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This dietary supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  • 1. Why choose Tangut Origin Sea Berry CardioMed ?

    Sea Berry CardioMed contains the key elements in cornerstone of dietary therapy of which it is low in saturated fats and includes over 85% unsaturated fats. It also contains phytosterols of remarkably cholesterol-reducing effect, natural antioxidants, and pollution free plant Omega 3.  These elements work together to help lower bad cholesterol level in our blood and may help to keep our arteries in good health, possibly helping to lower blood pressure at target range and keep maintain a healthy heart.



    Seaberry CardioMed

    Other heart health supplement


    100% organic sea buckthorn seed oil 

    Synthetic or from animals

    Active ingredients  

    Antioxidants Phytosterols, Plant Omega 3

    Fish Omega 3


    Contains several natural potent antioxidants


    Heavy metal contamination 

    Sourcing from pollution-free Tibetan Plateau

    Easy contaminated by heavy metal e.g. mercury


    Clarifying herbal smell

    Fishy smell


  • 2. How does Sea Berry CardioMed promotes a healthy heart?

    • Phytosterols : Control cholesterol absorption  

    Structurally similar to cholesterol, phytosterols can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine by competing with cholesterol to get absorbed and transported into the body.

    Sitosterol, one of several phytosterols, is one of the materials forming cell membrane and it stimulates metabolism. It combines with cholesterol in foods and get excreted, and thus reducing serum cholesterol content. It also softens the blood vessels, and increases their tenacity, improves its elasticity.


    • Omega 3,6,9:Reduce bad cholesterol along blood vessel  

    Sea buckthorn oil actively reduces blood fat level, nurtures the blood vessels. Of the rich unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid (Omega 9) reduces cholesterol; linoleic acid (Omega 6) regulates blood pressure and reduces serum cholesterol, linolenic acid (Omega 3) tends to maintain healthy blood pressure, dissolves accumulated fat and promote metabolism and regulate sugar level. Together they facilitate normal blood circulation.


    •  Natural antioxidants : Slow arterial aging

    Sea Berry Cardio Med contains vitamins E , sitosterol, super oxide dismutase (SOD),and 7 kinds of flavones which can enhance anti-oxidation capability of body.


    Vitamin E promotes metabolism, prevents oxidation of low-density (bad) cholesterol in the serum, thus inhibiting and reducing cholesterol settlement along the blood vessel wall. Phosphatides and triterpenoids inhibit cholesterol formation and help its removal. Vitamin E and other antioxidants remove wastes including peroxides and ailing and dead cells from the blood, and avoid damages to the artery walls. Sea Berry Cardio Med  thus has tonic effects to cardiovascular systems.


    Total flavonoids increase blood flow of the coronary artery and supply nutrients to heart muscles, lower oxygen consumption, strengthen muscle contraction, thus improving the heart function and increasing anti-hypoxia ability of the system. Both domestic and abroad experts’ research proved that flavones could strengthen the function of the heart and ability of systole to improve the diastoling function of cardiac muscle. It also can narrow the area of myocardial infarction that caused by coronary artery' slogging and enhance the ability of enduring the situation of lacking of oxygen.


    Super oxide dismutase (SOD) can eliminate or reduce significantly damage to tissue in the heart, particularly where it has been sustained during a heart attack. SOD can also have the effect of reducing tissue damage in the intestines, kidneys, skin and pancreas.


    5-serotonin and betaine protect the cerebral cardiovascular functions by comprehensive regulation and coordination of the nervous, endocrine and the immune systems.

  • 3. Is Seaberry CardioMed safe?

    Sea buckthorn has been used as a food in Asia and in Europe which proves its safety on oral application. It is free of artificial additives, residuals of organic solvents or synthetic contaminants. Toxicological studies proved that Seaberry extract possess potent adaptogenic activity with no toxicity even after sub-acute (30 days) maximal effective dose administration.

  • 4. Are phytosterols clinically proved in supporting heart health?

    In 1998, two experts first found that phytosterols can lower the complications of cardiovascular diseases.A study in 2000 showed that a 25% reduction in cardiovascular diseases is achieved after the consumption of phytosterols. It was shown that daily intake of 2g phytosterols reduces bad cholesterol level by 15%.Remarkably, there is substantial evidence from many 2400 clinical studies that phytosterols can lower total and bad cholesterol without side effects. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized use of labeling health claims about the role of phytosterols in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.


    Later in 2002, the National Cholesterol Education Program recommends that people with elevated cholesterol to consume foods containing phytosterols and intake less saturated fatty acid as a way to lower cardiovascular disease risk.


    In 2005, additive effect of phytosterols  in lowering the risk of heart diseases is proven in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Recently in 2007, cholesterol-lowering effect of phytosterols  is further proven in Journal of Food and Drug Analysis issued in June.

  • 5. What are the other clinical implications of phytosterols?

    Phytosterols might prevent skin cancer, colorectal cancer and rectal cancer which is more prevalent among males.  

    Phytosterols may inhibit the proliferation of colon tumor cells. High circulating cholesterol levels are linked to increased bile acid secretion. Phytosterols are poorly absorbed and it can protect the colon from bile acid, thereby achieving a reduction of 50% colon tumor risk.

    Japan has a low incidence rate of colon cancer. One of the reasons may be attributed to their comparatively high intake of phytosterols - average 400mg per day.

  • 6. Who are more likely to subject to cardiovascular diseases?

    1. Persons having high-pressure level

    2. Smokers

    3. Persons with hyperlipidemia

    4. Males aged above 45

    5. Women with menopause

    6. Persons with family history of cardiovascular diseases

    7. Obese persons

    8. Persons lack of exercise

    9. Alcoholic

  • 7. How to maintain a healthy heart?

    1.   Eat healthy. Follow the healthy pyramid diet strictly.

    2.   Cut high-calories and fatty foods.

    3.   Limit intake of saturated fats, trans fats and hydrogenated oils found in margarine, fast food, fried food, etc.

    4.   Lower your salt intake.

    5.   Intake food rich in water-soluble fibers

    6.   Keep weight down.

    7.   Intake more food rich in anti-oxidants.

    8.   Limit refined sugar intake from cakes, cookies, candy, etc.

    9.   Keep your weight within recommended limits.

    10. 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day is recommended.

    11. Stop smoking and drinking.

Each contains 60 softgels 

Serving size : 2 softgels


Amount per serving

% DV

Tibetan Golden Seabuckthorn Seed Oil


* Daily Value not established


Does not contain: lactose, sugar, starch, yeast, soy, corn wheat, dairy, gluten, fish, tree nuts, eggs, shellfish, peanuts, fragrance, artificial flavors, artificial color or preservatives.



As a dietary supplement, take 2 softgels twice daily.

For intensive use, particularly after serving food high in saturated fat and calories, take 3 softgels twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


How to take it

Swallow the softgel whole with water or other liquid. For best results take in addition to regular exercise and a reduced calorie diet.


When to take it

Take it after meal for the optimal absorption.

Taking your supplement at the same time each day will have the best effect. It will also help you remember when to take it.


If you do not understand the instructions on the box, ask your doctor or pharmacist for help.

  • Who have a family history of heart problems
  • Who have cardiovascular health concerns
  • Who have improper diet and inadequate physical activity

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