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ResveneTM contains a special blend of three natural ingredients that can promote cellular productivity by activating the longevity gene. This platinum cell-revival formula offers intense anti-aging effects and assists the firming and tightening effects of loose and aging skin. With 98% pure Trans Resveratrol, it is highly effective in stimulating collagen regeneration and attaining the best health conditions.


  • Enhance Collagen production
  • 17 times more potent antioxidant power than Q10
  • Prevent more than >65% of sunlight damages

“Up to date, the only molecule that consistently prolonged lifespan across species and laboratories is resveratrol…”  

Dr. David Sinclair, from Harvard Medical School
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Offset effects of aging on skin
  • Rejenvenate smooth, radiant and ageless skin.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This dietary supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  • 1. Why choose Tangut Origin Resveratrol ?

    • Best source of ingredients

     Our key ingredient - Trans Resveratrol is extracted from Polygonum Cuspidatum root which has the elevated strength of Trans resveratrol. In comparison to other sources such as grape skins and red wine, Polygonum Cuspidatum root has far higher intensity of trans-resveratrol found from the extracts. Other products with 50% Trans-Resveratrol and 50% CIS-Resveratrol gives lower concentration of biologically active substances and causes the resveratrol to be ineffectiveAlso, our Alcohol-free red wine extract is sourced from world-known red wine paradise – Chile, which shares all the essentials of a quality Chilean red- full-bodied, intense flavors and excellent longevity.
    These contributes to our golden formula to have powerful benefits to our health in cellular level including glucose and insulin production, fat metabolism, and cell survival.

    • High purity

    Trans resveratrol is the only beneficial substance obtained from resveratrol. Low purity resveratrol products contain low amounts of trans-resveratrol and high amount of CIS-resveratrol and emodin, which not only have no health benefits but may cause stomach irritation. Therefore, tested 98% purity of Trans-Resveratrol is shown to have greater life-extending capabilities.

    • High absorption rate

    Resveratrol 250 combined with two antioxidant polyphenols, Quercetin and Red wine extract is shown to enhance the oral absorption of Resveratrol to the maximum level. Also, Trans-Resveratrol is far better than Cis-Resveratrol while it is more stable and easily absorbed by the human body 

    • Potent dosage

    Researchers from Harvard University are recommending individuals take 250-500mg of Trans-Resveratrol per day. Our strongest Resveratrol 250 with 250mg of pure, trans-resveratrol achieves desiring anti-aging benefits.  

  • 2. How does Resveratrol 250 extend lifespan and delay aging?

    • Activate longevity gene SIRT1
      Trans-Resveratrol, the active form of resveratrol polyphenols, was shown to activate what is so called the Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) gene resulting in increased cell longevity and enhanced cellular productivity. SIRT1 is an enzyme that plays a major role in cellular regulation and longevity. Many studies concluded that trans-Resveratrol increased the lifespan of yeast and many animals.
      By activation of SIRT1, first aging gene shown to accelerate human metabolism, Trans-Resveratrol was also shown to increase the number of cellular mitochondria thereby enhancing metabolism and increasing total produced energy. Potential effects of resveratrol on energy metabolism and control of body mass also contribute to the rejuvenating and anti-aging properties of Resveratrol.
    • Enhance Collagen production 
      As we age, the body’s ability to make collagen slows down, leading to an insufficient amount of collagen to maintain the firmness and elasticity of skin. By stimulating the collagen creator cell – fibroblast, it replaces the loss of collagen and fills out the wrinkles, creating smooth and flawless skin.
    • Maximize antioxidant protection: 17 timesmore potent than Q10.
      Cells undergo constant damage from free radicals, which are unstable molecules created when the body uses oxygen. With its high yield antioxidant ability, Resveratrol provides the ultimate defense against environmental and age-related factors that contribute to aging.
    • Prevent more than65% of sunlight damage
      Resveratrol works to whiten and brighten the skin by reducing existing spots, including age spots and freckles. It also prevents new spots from developing.
  • 3. Are the health benefits of Resveratrol scientifically proven?

    Resveratrol consists of triple natural antioxidants that promote healthy cellular productivity by activating the “SIRT1” longevity gene. This advanced premium cell-revival formula offers intensive anti-aging effects from the inside out: rejuvenating skin firmness and tone, accelerating skin cell recovery, and optimizing antioxidant protection. With long term usage, it will fortify your cellular structure to turn back the clock on your appearance; retrieving a natural, healthy bright look at all times.


    Dr. David Sinclair, from Harvard Medical School, announced it as the amazing activator of longevity gene in 2003. Its anti-aging potency made headlines not just among health and beauty circles in the West but among academic arena. The promising and myriad heath benefits of Resveratrol had been further supported by over 250 scientific papers which determined Resveratrol as the wonder longevity activator of the century. Exploding onto the market in recent decades, Resveratrol has become famous among the news channel stories such as in 60 Minutes due to its miraculous capacity to prolong life more than 100 years old. Resveratrol equips us to better prepare our bodies to prevent the ravages of old age - staying young, being healthier, and increasing quality of life.

  • 4. Is Resveratrol 250 safe?

    In any case, resveratrol is a natural ingredient and it is very safe for everyone. Not known to be toxic or cause adverse effects in humans. Resveratrol increases blood flow and it could, theoretically increase the effect of prescription blood thinners – individuals using such medicines may wish to consult a physician before supplement with Resveratrol.  


    The effect of Resveratrol on pregnant women and children has not been determined – despite having no evidence of danger, we recommend that it is not taken without consulting a health care provider. Until more is known about the estrogenic activity of Resveratrol in humans, women with a history of estrogen-sensitive cancers, such as breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers, should avoid Resveratrol supplements

  Each bottle contains 30 capsules

  Serving Size: 2 capsules


Amount per serving %DV

Natural Trans Resveratrol 98%

extracted from Polygonum Cuspidatum root extract

100mg *

Red Wine Extract

Vitis vinifera (Fruit). ( Standardized to 30% polyphenols)


* Daily Value not established


Does not contain: lactose, sugar, starch, yeast, soy, corn wheat, dairy, gluten, fish, tree nuts, eggs, fragrance, artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives, animal products, shellfish, peanuts.





As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule daily.

For intensive use, take 2 capsules daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


How to take it

Swallow the capsule whole with water or other liquid.


When to take it

Take it with meals.
Take your supplements about the same time each day to ensure the best results.


If you do not understand the instructions on the box, ask your doctor or pharmacist for help.

Suitable for any skin type, especially those who wish to protect their skin from the damaging effects of aging and those who seek a healthy, young and vibrant glowing skin

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